3 Years Bonkers (Store) Party

Bonkers is turning 3 this today! Now, before y’all be scratchin’ your heads thinking “Didn’t they do, like, an anniversary party just last November? Is this like Benjamin Button?”, let us rephrase: Bonkers, the brick-and-mortar store, turns 3 this February. Bonkers, as a concept and business, is much older, as it was founded in 1818 on a covered wagon on the way out West. Historians thus have concluded that Bonkers is more ancient than your mama. Yet, a physical store had not been opened prior to 2015, three years ago. Join us at Dough House, February 17, where we’ll team up with Frankfurt’s 069 crew to pop the corks and Glocks. There’s still some of that Wild West spirit in us, after all. Let’s hear it for another 100 years! See you at the Party!