A New York Thing

Before your barkeep friend’s localist, neighborhood-worshipping basement-run “cult” brand, before the trend to purge all vowels from your favorite city’s name and use the consonantal remainder as a wordmark to print on a Fruit of the Loom wholesale t-shirt, and even before every hood in the most neck-in-the-woods college town became a fucking cult destination, there was aNYthing. aNYthing is short for A New York Thing and refers to one of the most veteran streetwear brands out there. It’s been there before high fashion showed even the slightest interest in streetwear culture, and we suspect it’ll be around for a long time to come. Founded in 2001 by former Supreme affiliate Aaron Bondaroff, the infuriatingly tough-to-Google brand has been a staple of streetwear culture ever since. It’s not exactly your average hype brand though and details as to its recent history are shrouded in mystery. Those who know, know. Those who don’t: well, now you’re at least aware. At any rate, although Aaron only plays a supporting role in the company nowadays, aNYthing continues in its founder’s spirit, releasing down-to-earth apparel that features the brand’s wordmark throughout. In today’s climate of aesthetic one-upmanship, aNYthing stands out in delivering understated, timeless pieces that haven’t changed too much in the brand’s almost 20-year long history. Y’all can buy A New York Thing at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.