ACE Trucks MFG

It’s not often that we’re writing about skateboard trucks on this blog (it’s the first time, I think). Trucks are incredibly boring: when they work as intended, you don’t even really think about them. Sure, when you get a new deck, you’ll make extra sure not to switch up front and back trucks (always looking for that k-grind abrasion). But that’s about all the love trucks typically get. Unless something brakes. That’s when everybody loses their little minds. Shattered baseplate? Frantically call your buddies and beg ‘em for a used one, I guess. Broken kingpin? Have fun going to town on your shitty truck with a hammer and an ice pick while the session’s continuing without you! Trucks fucking suck. But we can’t do this skateboard thing of ours without ‘em, now can we? And guess what, we’ve got a special treat for all you truck lovers today: Ace Trucks MFG. The newest addition to our extensive truck portfolio (ha-ha), Ace Trucks, which was created more than 10 years ago, pulls no punches when it comes to truck innovation. They sure look all nice and symmetrical, as trucks should, but a few features make them stand out from the pack: for example, the newly-released AF1 truck comes with re-threading nuts you can insert into your skate tool and that’ll make short work of worn threads. Also, the AF1 features a stronger hanger and upgraded pivot cups for increased durability. If you’re looking for something more basic, check out the Ace Truck Classic trucks, which feature a minimalistic, round hanger and conical axle ends that provide less friction to your bearings. In short, Ace Trucks offer supreme quality at a reasonable price. Now get the truck outta here and go skate! You can buy Ace Trucks at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt. 


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