Adidas Aloha Super by Mark Gonzales

If Mark Gonzales didn’t skate, he’d probably be rocking back and forth in some dingy rubber room, straight jacket and all. Seriously, just look at the guy and his antics. In 1998, Mark somehow got in touch with a German art space in Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, to do an exhibition of, well, himself. Throughout the gallery’s lavish white rooms, Mark put up some of his short stories and poems, and “even a book” (official choice of words by Adidas). Then he threw on a custom fencing suit and skated the exhibition like a mad man, bystanders and patrons watching in disbelief. There’s a video of the event just in case you don’t believe us. Take whatever stance you want towards Mark’s artistic expressiveness, but you can’t deny he’s made a pretty big contribution to skateboarding as a form of art. Now, exactly 20 years later, Adidas Skateboarding honor Mark’s Mönchengladbach show with the release of the Aloha Super. The shoe’s design is inspired by Mark’s white fencing suit, because of course it is. Additionally, its upper – made from pig suede, full grain leather, and nylon webbing – sits atop a Gazelle Indoor sole. The bold black Adidas stripes are the shoe’s eye catcher, and we’re sure they’ll make for a great pair of kicks, whether you’re planning on skating the Louvre or, well, your local skatepark. You can buy the Aloha Super both at our web shop and at our Frankfurt store from August 18.