Adidas Aloha Super (Karol Winthorp)

What do Woody Allen, Willy Brandt, and Mark Twain have in common? They’re not the respective person’s real name, but pseudonyms (look up their real names for yourself, you lazy people). Pseudonyms, or noms de plume for pretentious assholes, are used to disguise one’s true identity, establish a distance between a stage persona and oneself, or just for shits and giggles. Adam Spiegel, better known as Spike Jonze of music and skate video fame, chose his alter ego name before shooting Blind’s Video Days (1991). Back then, Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales was part of the team, and Spike convinced The Gonz — which is a nickname, not a pseudonym — to think of a pen name as well. Mark inexplicably created one Karol Winthorp, probably the most white-sounding name of all time. And because it sounds so white, it’s only appropriate that the eponymous Adidas Aloha Super kind of looks like an old skater’s shoe. We mean no disrespect for the elderly, of course, it’s just that we can’t help but notice some 90s pro shoes vibes going on with the brown colorway and suede materials (looking at you, Tom Penny). Anyway, if you’re looking to cop The Gonz’ most recent Aloha Super iteration, we’ll hook you up at our web shop or our store in Frankfurt from December 12.