Adidas Forum 84 Low ADV

Basketball is like a cobalt mine to skate shoe designers at multinational sportswear companies: the storied sport is an endless source of essential raw material used to create almost every skate shoe released today. Adidas Skateboarding has once again sent its designers underground to unearth some pair of forgotten sneakers that have long since sedimented into rock: the Forum 84 Low ADV. Okay, the Forum’s not entirely forgotten. It has been celebrating a mini-comeback with — don’t laugh — the “sneaker community.” Today, however, the former basketball shoe from the 1980s has been equipped with Adiprene and a few other extras supposed to meet the high demands of ever-so quality-conscious skateboarders. You know, the same skateboarders who wash down the taste of self-stuffed L&M cigarettes with 40 oz. of off-brand iced tea. Bottom line: the Forum ADV is longer lasting and skates more comfortably than the original. So there’s that. You can buy the Adidas Skateboarding Forum 84 Low ADV at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.