Adidas X Hélas “The Ultimate Challenge”

FUCKING FINALLY. Someone somewhere did something new. Like, something actually novel: no juvenile provocations, no cynicism, no core skateboarding holy rolling. Hélas Caps teamed up with Adidas Skateboarding to create what already looks like this year’s most creative collaboration: drawing inspiration from 90s tennis and anime, the “Ultimate Challenge” video features Lucas and his gang of Super Skaters facing off against a talent-stealing supervillain. It’s a great little clip, emanating some Daft Punk, Ganbare, Kickers!, and Aim for the Ace! vibes. You gotta see it for yourself to believe it.

The collection itself features an appropriately-designed assortment of track jackets and track pants, a duffel bag, a jersey shirt, a 4 panel cap and a special edition of the Lucas Puig Premiere. You can buy the Hélas Caps x Adidas “The Ultimate Challenge” capsule collection both at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt from February 10.