Adidas Matchcourt High RX by Na-Kel Smith

Na-Kel Smith, famous Los Angeles poster boy and one of the most stylish skateboarders on the West Coast, just released a brand new colorway for Adidas Skateboarding’s Matchcourt High RX. It’s the fifth original colorway for Na-Kel, and his success seems to finally have gotten to him: the new Matchcourt High’s made of purple velvet, for Chrissakes, and features a purple leather toe cap and ollie area. Purple velvet provokes all kinds of associations, from robes worn at kinky sex orgies to robes worn at even kinkier sex orgies. Whatever Na-Kel’s gotta do to keep up his Mojo, we won’t judge him. As long as he keeps skating like that, that is. You can buy the Matchcourt High RX “Na-Kel Smith” both at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt from now on.