Adidas Matchcourt High RX2

Today, being a designer for shoes, clothing or whatever must be a little bit like working at a home for the elderly: all day you have to listen to people rambling about the good old times, how good those good old times were, and why the present can’t hold a candle to the quality and innovation of shit invented during those mythical good old times. We get it. Your times were great. Our time sucks. Everything sucks now. Now eat your vitamin-packed, easily digestible, gluten-free food and watch the Columbo reruns on your 4K HD TV while your chair reclines automatically, grandma. Sorry, went a little off the track right there. Anyway, Adidas Skateboarding’s new “invention,” the Matchcourt High RX2 is yet a-fucking-gain inspired by a legendary basketball shoe. This time it’s the Top Ten which, alongside Vietnam and Chernobyl, was pretty popular during the 1970s and 1980s (Caution: Irony!). Okay, let’s be serious for a moment. The Matchcourt Low already is a great shoe for skateboarding, and, as you can probably tell by its rubber toe cap and high-top silhouette, the RX2 is a great shoe for skateboarding, too. The extra padding on the top protects from bruised ankles, the toe cap makes for additional traction, and the slim-fit silhouette provides increased board feel. Additionally, the Matchcourt High RX2 comes in two equally awesome colorways, a matching fidget spinner, Bluetooth connectivity and a rare Pokemon. Just kidding. You can buy the Matchcourt High RX2 both online and at our store in Frankfurt.