Adidas Palace Pro by Benny Fairfax and Chewy Cannon

When Adidas and Palace teamed up to create a wholly new shoe model that featured branding from both brands in 2015, the sportswear giant and the British hype brand gave other collaborations a run for their money. Thanks to its great skate performance and Palace’s almost religious devotion among street wear folks, the Palace Pro sold out faster than you can say “eBay.” Fast forward two years, and Palace certainly haven’t suffered a loss in popularity; on the contrary, the London-based company is more beloved than ever. Seeing as you’re not supposed to change a winning team, Adidas Skateboarding and Palace Skateboards now follow up with two new colorways created by two of their team riders, Benny Fairfax and Chewy Cannon. Benny’s model comes with a greyish upper, black stripes and a teal sole, while Chewy decided to go with a black suede upper and a neon green sole. Obviously, neither colorway will be a shelf hugger, so get your camping gear, your pocket hand warmers, and your sneaker bots ready for November 17, when both Palace Pros will release in our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.