Alltimers – Now available at Bonkers!

Alltimers is a brand that’s not easy to come by in this part of the world, and it’s also a brand that we hold dearly. Founded by Rob Harris and Pryce Holmes, the NY-based skateboarding company takes no prisoners when it comes to creating unforgettable and highly ironic graphics. Based on the avalanche of super serious skate videos that overruns media outlets today, you’d be forgiven to think that skateboarding is an utterly joyless and stiff pastime, and about as fun as trying to find a Twix in a dog park. Luckily, the guys from Alltimers approach skateboarding and youth culture with a healthy dose of irony, albeit without tipping over into the outright silly. Their funny shapes are actually quite meta, for example: whether it’s Ryan Gosling’s silhouette or the shape of an old flip phone, commenting on the recent trend of funny shapes by making actually funny shapes elevates Alltimers above most companies that are just churning out funny shaped boards to make a quick buck. Equally impressive are their videos: gathering a team of highly capable skateboarders, it’s immediately evident that Alltimers is not just in the game to talk shit. Spiced up with catchy R’n’B songs or some nondescript 90s techno tracks, Alltimers clips are always worth a watch. And if that’s not enough to convince you of the coolness of Alltimers, be reminded that they’re best friends with Dime Mtl., everyone’s favorite Canadians. You can buy Alltimers both online and at our store in Frankfurt.

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