Blondey McCoy Adidas Superstar (Black)

Blondey McCoy — artist, model, skateboarder — released a see-through Adidas Skateboarding Superstar 80s in late 2019 to show everyone what cool designer socks he was wearing at the time. In an effort equally as transparent, he released yet another Superstar that will expose your feet to the rest of the world. That said, like every skateboarder’s socks archive, it’s not an entirely identical affair: this one’s black instead of white. How can a transparent shoe be either? Well, it’s obviously not the whole shoe that’s transparent, smart ass. The three stripes and the important shit that holds the shoes together are black or white. The rest’s clear as a bright Summer day. Unlike its predecessor, however, this one doesn’t come with socks though. So bring your own. Or buy some from us. Just don’t wear ‘em barefoot for crying out loud. You can buy Blondey’s Adidas Superstar at our web shop from January 30.