Bronze 56K Spring 19

Bronze 56k hit us up with their new collection which includes all sorts of textile pleasures for the spring season. As usual, the Bronze Windows-esque logo makes a prominent return on t-shirts and sweaters. Additionally, one particular shirt features a rather raunchy design that, depending on your employer, might not be safe for wear at work. For the colder nights, Bronze dropped a work wear jacket with quilted lining and a contrasted collar, as well as some comfy corduroy track pants. Speaking of track pants, the company also released the first-ever mock tartan track pant (or at least the first we’ve ever seen, anyway). The tartan print is of the Black Watch variety, by the way. Last but not least, Bronze included the “High As Fuck” beanie, a headpiece featuring a smiley face that looks exactly as you’d imagine. You can buy Bronze 56k’s new collection both at out web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.