Carhartt WIP Relevant Parties Vol. 1

It is a terrible year for parties. General lockdowns, dancing bans, health regulations prohibiting nightclubs from opening, and an almost omnipresent wariness towards the virus have pretty much obliterated the party scene across the globe. Already, venues are closing forever, having burned their savings like brushwood in a wildfire. It is a terrible year for parties, alright. But it is not all doom and gloom: eventually, the scene will recover and thrive again. The virus kills, but it cannot kill the hardwired human need to fucking party. As a result — and although the company probably planned otherwise — the title of Carhartt’s newest limited release is almost bittersweet: dubbed Relevant Parties, Carhartt’s conceptual capsule collection is an homage to all-out parties and spotlights some of the most influential indie record labels of the last 40 years. Carhartt invited DFA Records, Ghostly International, Ninja Tune, Stones Throw, Public Possession, and Jazzy Sport to contribute to the collection. Each label had the choice between releasing a t-shirt or a long sleeve, as well as one additional garment. Naturally, the labels designed their share of the collection themselves, which results in a pretty varied, while still coherent collection — like a well-made mixtape. Speaking of which, the Carhartt Relevant Parties collection will also drop four highly limited cassette mixtapes that contain the most renowned tracks of each label respectively. So, instead of going to illegal raves, you should better dust off that old record player in your parents’ attic, pop one of those suckers in, and dance to it by yourself, Billy Idol style. You can buy the Carhartt WIP Relevant Parties collection at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.