DC Shoes 2021 Double Box Pack

In the late ’90s, when skate shoes followed the design principle of ghetto blasters and pants were as wide as ten-man tents, when the wheels were barely bigger than the cracks in the ground you constantly got stuck in, and when Supreme was still cooler than Primark, two letters stood for the promise of being a skateboarder: DC. Few other shoe companies are so closely linked to skateboarding at the turn of the millennium. DC Shoes turned guys like Josh Kalis, Brian Wenning, and Stevie Williams into stars — and with them, the spots where they treflipped over chin-high trash cans on the daily. An entire generation of pimpled teenagers, dressed in oversized clothes that outsiders regularly mistook for maternity wear, rewound videotapes back and forth until the magnetic tape crumbled to dust, only to analyze the foot positions of Kalis and Wenning. Today, a generation later, after skinny jeans, the fashion crimes of the 2010s, and the climatologically sensitive high-water pant, baggy pants — and with them the skateboard fashion of the 2000s — have returned to the mainstream. This marks as good an occasion as any for DC Shoes to reinforce the generational contract between skateboarders with a double release. A dashing red double box features two of the most influential skate shoes ever: the DC Kalis and the DC Lynx (which, by the way, celebrate their 20th and 21st birthdays, respectively). Ambassadors of the release are Josh Kalis and Kevin Bilyeu, both East Coast locals. While Kalis represents the old guard that paved the way for the skateboarding boom of the 2000s, Bilyeu represents the continuation of the DC heritage. Both shoes come in a rich red, which would have fit perfectly for Valentine’s Day if the motherfuckers wouldn’t have arrived late in Germany. But so it goes. You can buy DC’s Double Box at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.


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