DC Shoes X Dime Mtl.

DC shoe models from the late 90s and early noughties had but one design principle: if you could take one pair as carry-on luggage on an airplane without paying extra for bulky luggage, they simply were not fucking bulky enough. Legend has it that some DC Shoes enthusiasts even had to buy an extra seat on the plane because their footwear was to big for the overhead compartment. Jokes aside, DC Shoes has made a comeback thanks to the overall noughties hysteria, and now they’ve collaborated with one of the trendiest brands on the planet, Dime Mtl., to bring you DC’s legendary “Legacy” model in two bulky-ass “OG” and in two updated, a little less bulky but still probably TSA-banned “S” versions. But don’t worry, they’re both plenty preposterous, what with the crazy colors and all. Anyway, the shoes will probably sell out quicker than a half-priced chicken on a food stamp day, so get them fast. The DC Shoes x Dime Mtl. collection will release on Wednesday, November 8, both online and at our store in Frankfurt.