Dime Mtl. Fall 17

If there’s one thing we love about Canadian skateboard company Dime Mtl, it’s that they don’t seem to take anything seriously. Go ahead, check out their videos Instagram (or their equally professional-looking compilations on YouTube), and you’ll see that really good skateboarding does not necessitate holy earnest. Now, Dime has released a new drop of colorful t-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies and one windbreaker. Dime is still living up to their image of anyone’s friendly and relatable neighborhood brand, made by a bunch of skateboarders, stoners, and college drop-outs that just can’t help but have a good laugh at the status quo of skateboarding. In a world where many skateboarders confuse themselves with high-brow artists, for instance, Dime releases the “Restoration tee,” depicting the ill-fated restoration attempt of one elderly Spanish women who ruined a fresco in the Santuario de Misericodia church in Borja back in 2012. It’s no coincidence that Dime, of all brands, mocks artsy skateboarding companies by printing botched art on their clothes, effectively saying “we don’t give a fuck.” That’s what we like about them. Because we can fucking relate. You can buy the latest Dime Mtl stuff both online and at our shop in Frankfurt.