Dime Mtl Fall 18 (Thank you Donald)

Dime Mtl.’s Fall drop isn’t just a strong collection of clothing, but also a great lession in international trading. We know what you think: can there be anything less exciting? Who gives a fuck about international trading? JUST GIVE ME MY DIME YOU HACKS! And you’re probably right: as long as it works to everyone’s benefit, few do care. But with the beef recently simmering between the Trump administration and the European Union, things aren’t going as smoothly as they used to, and now, the detrimental effects of the trade dispute have reached the skateboarding bubble. If you read it this far: well done. And we’re not gonna bore you with the legal details. Long story short: Dime’s heavy-cotton longsleeves, crewnecks and hoodies are made in the US of A. In response to Mr Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum from the EU, the European Commission now issued a punitive regulation on US-made clothing. So while Dime Mtl. is a Canadian company, some of their top-quality stuff is made in the USA, subjecting those very items to the new EU regulations. What this means for us, the retailers, and for you, our customers, is that US-made items are now a little more pricey than they used to be. Bummer, right? The rest of the collection, which also includes t-shirts, are not made in the US and thus are not affected by the punitive tariffs. As for the US-made items, we’re sorry about that, but there’s really not much we can do about it. Trump’s just not gonna pick up the damn phone. Still, don’t let this petty trade war spoil an otherwise pretty good-looking collection of some pretty laid-back Canadians. Sometimes, you just gotta bite the bullet. You can buy the new Dime Mtl. collection both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.

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