Dime mtl. Spring 2017

Everybody loves Canada. Seriously, ask anyone their top five places they want to see before they die, we guarantee you the pristine lake-in-front-of-majestic-mountains-scenario will be among them (more imaginative folks will also include a bear hunting for fish in the distance into their description). Canadians are considered the nicer North Americans, a notion exemplified by the fact that the Canadian head of state, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is respected as a style icon while his counterpart in the US is internationally considered an absolute lunatic.
So maybe we’re a little biased by the overall positive image of Canada, but we can’t help but admire the casual coolness of Canadian skateboarders such as Wade DesArmo, Mark Appleyard and Morgan Smith. Additionally, one of our favorite skateboarding brands, Dime Mtl., comes straight out of Montreal and we’re always excited to see new stuff dropping by our store. Dime, whose intentionally amateurish skate clips always make us want to go skate and hang out with our homies, never ceases to surprise with great new collections, and this one is no exception, so make sure to check it out. You can buy the new Dime collection online from tonight 00:01 CET or at our store in Frankfurt starting tomorrow.