Europe Co. Fall 17

The Ruhrpott, once pitch-black due to coal mining and home to Germany’s industrial giants, is defined as the area between Duisburg and Dortmund. It also used to be the beating heart of German Industry. Nowadays, the Ruhr area is associated with industrial ruins, unemployed miners and constantly drunk soccer fans. In the middle of this mess, hailing from the city of Krupp steel, the first collection from our friends at Europe Co. has finally launched. From our point of view, these guys might be one of the most best dudes you can find in Germany. Pithy, crummy, and simply real – that’s how we like them. The boys have visited us a couple of times here in Frankfurt and we’re  frequently in touch with the „Pott”.  If you watch their latest video, “Berlin Tape”, you’ll know what we mean. That’s why we are even more excited to present their stuff to you in our shop.  Anyways, long story short, Europe Co.’s stuff is henceforth available in our online shop and at our store in Frankfurt. We guarantee you, this is the hottest German shit currently available.