FFM MIX 2K18 by Tom Weimar

Skateboarding in Frankfurt is rough. Most spots suffer from shitty flat ground, regular wax removal, obnoxious security personnel, hostile passers-by, and, well, a lack of variety. Frankfurt’s main spots are but an aggregation of ledges and stairs; few have banks, natural transitions, or anything that’ll make ‘em stand out from other metropolises in Europe, except for their shittiness, of course. But what Frankfurt lacks in comparison to Paris, Barcelona, or most of Sweden, local skaters make up for thanks to they I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude – the result of which you witness in Tom Weimar’s candidly edited FFM 2K18. In the video, many Frankfurt locals make an appearance, both native and new, and they all overcome the city’s roughness thanks to a weird mix of determination, defiance, and creativity. Naturally, all of Bonkers’ team riders are in on it: Kert’s hyperactive lines, Waldi’s chill style, and Martin’s slappy-shove-it shenanigans. Go watch it now.