FFM Mixtape 3000

You may have seen Jon Wolf’s Eija Klar video from 2015, a great flick showcasing some of Frankfurt’s most prolific skateboarders (if you didn’t, stop everything you’re doing and watch it right now). Now, with the boldly-named FFM Mixtape 3000, Jon’s scope shifts from individually highlighted FFM-based skaters to the whole fucking bunch of them – including our team riders Kert Hollywood and Tim Thomas. And boy, what a ride. FFM Mixtape 3000 features the old and the young, the familiar and the new, in grainy VX glory. Amidst Frankfurt’s iconic skyscrapers, Jon captured the sheer skill of the local skaters with his trusty old cam, edited it to some 80s disco music and spiced it up with footage from Indiana Jones and Tagesschau title cards. It’s very tongue-in-cheek, it’s full of radical skateboarding, and it’s sure as hell worth your oh so precious time. So check it out right the fuck now.