Frafimi Gallucci – Endlich norMalle Urlaub

Of all the great pleasures that skateboarding offers, skating foreign spots is maybe the most rewarding. Skateboarders, as has repeatedly been noted, by the very nature of their activity, perceive their environment differently: where non-skateboarders see a bench to park their asses on, skateboarders see an opportunity for tricks. Skateboarding is to discover potentialities for action, and the conditions for such a discovery are best when venturing down unfamiliar paths. Exploring other places is what our friends at Frafimi Gallucci did a month ago, when they packed their skateboards, VXs, and possibly no small amounts of pot, and fled Northern Europe’s rainy winter for the German idea of paradise, the Balearic Island of Mallorca. The Meditarranean Sea must’ve been a sight for sore eyes for our pale-skinned friends, an impression you’ll inadvertently get when you’re watching the masterfully edited footage of their trip in their latest video. In fact, Mocki, Fabian, Nikita, Philipp, and Jojo look so pale, the video’s title, “Endlich norMalle Urlaub,” seems like a huge missed opportunity, at least in terms of comedic value, as it should’ve been called “The Haunting of Mallorca.” Despite the lack of melanin, the skateboarding on display is top-notch, as usual, and more importantly: fun to watch.