If we’re being honest – and we’ll have you know that we’re being especially honest here – we’d have to admit that the German skateboarding business is excruciatingly boring. Some bitch about intolerant core skaters and other stick-in-the-muds, while others whine about Olympia and big businesses. On the International Boredom Index (IBI), German skateboarding ranks in the top quartile, just below “Watching Paint Dry” and “Binging Serbian Arthouse Films on Netflix.” However, whereas paint will be dry at some point, and being well-versed in art house movies will reward you with the attention of attractive, intelligent undergraduates, the boredom of German skateboarding will yield no results, but will just continue on and on into eternity. We’d be crying if we weren’t yawning so hard.

But there are rays of hope cutting through the eternal darkness of boredom: small brands, little more than a crew thing, that evolve naturally out of a circle of like-minded friends. Small brands that produce short Instagram clips and hastily edited YouTube flicks, maybe some caps or beanies, that’s it. FRAFIMI GALLUCCI, and the friendly neighborhood rascals standing behind it, is such a ray of hope. There’s no elaborate business plan, no bitching about selling out and Olympia, no core skateboarding dogmatism: the boys behind Frafimi simply skate, film, drink beers, smoke joints, post their shenanigans on Instagram, hit rather unsuccessfully on undergrads, roll their ankles, drink some more, have band practice, go to class, make a t-shirt and a cap, and skate, skate, skate. Skateboarding in Frankfurt is Frafimi, and vice versa. If you want to cop some Frafimi product, you’ll have to pay them (or us, if you must) a visit, and hope that there’s still some stuff left over. The flavor of the month, for instance, is Frafimi’s foldable cap that you can quickly hide in your back pocket if your investment banking daddy comes around the corner. Or the visor that helps you sweep G-Class moms off tennis courts in style. Frafimi, in case you wondered, means “Frankfurt fickt mich” (Frankfurt fucks me) or “Frankfurt Fick Mix”, we we’re not entirely sure. Figure out the “Galluci” part for yourself. You can buy Frafimi Galluci at our store in Frankfurt.

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