Futur Inc.

Futur is a mysterious brand if there ever was one. If you look for the Paris-based skate apparel company on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll find: nothing. They have a web site, but don’t expect to see any of their clothes on it, let alone an online shop. For a brand calling itself “Futur,” they’re paradoxically retro, but then again, maybe it’s not a paradox. Maybe they know that rarity can promote public interest like fuel does fire, just as omnipresence can result in glut and thus oversaturation. Staying away from social media may be conceived as an elitist move, trying to stand out as an analog rock in the digital breakwater that surrounds the shores of skateboarding. And yeah, it’s kinda refreshing that it’s not another brand Slav squatting to get your short attention.

But it’s much more than that. Remember when you accidentally found something you immediately liked? Maybe you browsed through a magazine, maybe you saw a friend wearing a nice shirt, whatever. You didn’t have to go to fashion blogs, Facebook interest groups or wherever hypebeast go to get their supremely swollen rocks off. You found it by yourself, without someone rubbing your nose in it like. That’s exactly why Futur stands out: They have to be found, not googled. Judging by the top-notch quality of their garments, Futur know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re making sure it’s done right. You can buy a selection of Futur’s recent collection from now on both online and at our shop in Frankfurt.