Futur Season 06

Parisian brand Futur is still in the game, but you probably wouldn’t know it if we didn’t tell you. While the company finally decided to care a little about social media and set up an Instagram account, they still seem unwilling to code a website that’s actually, you know, informative as to their newest products. Maybe they just want to focus their creative energy on their product instead of posting shit nobody really gives two fucks about, and that’s a good thing (also, being the clever mecs that they are, they just outsource their marketing to semi-professional blogs like ours). Futur, for what it’s worth, is somewhat of an strange beast in the skateboard industry: it carries that famous laid-back Parisian cool, yet never drifting off into smugness. Materials and manufacturing are top-notch, resulting in some of the best skate apparel money can buy. The new Futur drop consists of a couple of minimalist longsleeves, a few t-shirts and crewnecks that stand out not because of showy design, but because of the lack of it. It’s not cheap, either, but that’s the whole point: introducing some class to the skate biz, Futur is all about substance and longevity. Once bought, we guarantee you won’t cast aside their pieces when the next season arrives – that’s just how timeless they are. You can buy the new Futur drop both at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt.