Get trippy with Palace

Damn, the new Palace Skateboards decks sure are something to look at. It’s rave sesaon in Germany and pretty much all of Europe, and Palace designers seem to have taken the necessary precautions to join the fun. It’s hard to describe every detail of the graphics, so we won’t even try. It’s not about the details, either, but about the whole picture: if you’ve never tried LSD (and we recommend you don’t, ‘cause it’s illegal and all that shit), looking at the new Palace decks for more than like 5 minutes comes pretty close to a trip (but without the piss stains in your pants, so that’s a plus we guess). If you’re heading to one of those festivals that feature an impromptu skatepark, your best bet is to bolt your trucks to one of these planks. You can buy the new Palace boards both on Silk Road – we mean our online shop and at our store in Frankfurt from now on. Peace, bro.