Hauptwache 2.0

Back in the Neolithic, when skateboards were made of Mammoth bone and clay, Frankfurt’s Hauptwache was famous pretty much in all of the known world. It peaked somewhere between the extinction of the Dinosaurs and the invention of good flat ground; so, when the latter came around, nobody really bothered skating at Hauptwache for quite some time. But now, it’s making a comeback. Barring bad weather, you’ll find someone skating at Hauptwache almost any time, any day. It has almost returned to its former glory, becoming one of the most important spots in the Rhine-Main-Area once again. So, let us introduce the new brand by one of the OGs, Mr. Schwarzi, who skated the legendary spot both during the old and the new days: Hauptwache 2.0. Inspired by Hauptwache’s rich history (the red and green colors derive from the eponymous subway station’s color code), Hauptwache 2.0 is a love letter to the spot’s spirit: it’s no-nonsense, straightforward, and right in your face. There’s no better way to become a Frankfurter local than wearing a piece of Hauptwache 2.0’s collection. You can buy Hauptwache 2.0 from now on at our store in Frankfurt.