Hélas Caps HCC ZULU Collection

If Hélas Caps secretly wants to be a yuppie clothing provider catering to cruise-hopping sweaterdouches (look it up, it’s a thing), they’re doing it wrong. It’s not the colors, ‘cause those are appropriately vibrant and summery. The products themselves are also fine; the new collection, HCC ZULU, offers a wild mix of late 80s – late 90s casual wear, accompanied by irony so fucking heavy you could tie it around their ankles and make them swim with the fishes forever. As usual, Hélas delivers an appealing collection that consists of everything from colorful caps to retro sweatshirts to functional jackets.

You wanna know real reason Hélas just won’t establish itself among yuppie sports like yachting, sailing, polo-ing (whatever), and Fabergé egg throwing? Because we’re living in a class society. No matter how much you try, you will never belong to the one percent. You hear that, Hélas? For them, you’ll always be a bunch of raggedy-ass skateboarders from the Banlieues of some insignificant French small town. All the pastel-colored polo shirts won’t change that. It’s okay, though. We’re still your friends. After all, we’re sitting in the same, well, boat. You can buy the new Hélas collection both in our web shop or at our store in Frankfurt.

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