Hélas Segundo Numero Uno Collection

French skate company Hélas Caps is back once again with a nice little collection of t-shirts, crewnecks, trackpants, and jackets. The drop’s leitmotif is the “Dogfellas Firebrigade,” reflecting Hélas Caps founder Lucas Puig’s love for dogs – and firefighters, we presume. The clothes are pretty straightforward: the umbrella logo makes a return, as do a bunch of colorful polo t-shirts. The coach jacket is cut a little longer than usual. Unexpectedly, Hélas also drops a breathing mask. It’s kinda weird, but it sure makes sense in the context of the Dogfellas Firebrigade. Thinking about it, we’d love to see  custom Hélas Caps fire hoses to flush away those pesky scooter kids at the local skate park.  You can buy the new Hélas Caps collection both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.