Hotel Blue New York City

Lurk NYC’s Nick Von Werssowetz sure is a busy fella. In addition to being one of NYC’s most well-known skateboarding cinematographers, Nick started his own board company, Hotel Blue, back in 2016. Strictly dedicated to raw street skating, Nick Von Werssowetz’ brand belongs to those select small-scale board companies that instantly take everybody’s heart – and for good reason. In times of skateboarding becoming a mainstream sport complete will professional athletes and drug-testing (hello 2020 Olympics), underground brands such as Hotel Blue fly the flag of autonomy. Riding for Hotel Blue are Dylan Fulford, Mark Poole, Charles Deschamps, Will Blakley, Rezza Honarvar, and Giovanni Vacca. We’re happy to stock yet another independent brand and we welcome Hotel Blue to our brand portfolio. You can buy Hotel Blue at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.