Iggy Summer 19

Iggy, created by Tompkins Square Park local Jack Greer, returns with an intriguing little collection that covers target sports, ice cream, 90’s graffiti, a statement against borders, and cycling. It’s quite an eclectic collection, so let’s take it step by step. The standout item has to be the bright yellow short-sleeved Cyclist Gang jersey that’ll make you stick out in traffic while you’re hustling Deliveroo orders to make rent. Dedicated to the messengers of NYC, the jersey features 90s style graffiti. Then there’s the Melting Away and Throwing Darts tees, which feature a toppled ice cream cone and, well, darts bullseyeing the Iggy logo. The Escape Patch beanie, on the other hand, strikes a more somber chord, featuring a patch with a concrete wall topped with barbed wire. If you’re into NYC’s idiosyncratic take on streetwear, this Iggy drop will scratch the right spots. You can buy Iggy’s new collection at our webshop and at our store in Frankfurt.