Introducing Pop Trading Company

Skateboarding distributions have been around for the most part of skateboarding’s colorful history, but very few can claim that they’ve changed the game forever. Regular old skate distributions, to be fair, have always had all the stuff you need: a fair assortment of trucks, wheels, and decks, apparel, and, of course, footwear – all from the major boring labels, plus some generic off-brand shit for the less affluent, and that’s it, no surprises here, really. That said, distributions that aspire to be more than mere suppliers for hardware and the most basic of sartorial needs are few and far between. One of the distributions to throw off the shackles of wholesale retail, becoming a label of its own stocked by only the very best shops around the world, is Amsterdam-based Pop Trading Company.

Pop Trading Company was founded by Dutch skate buddies Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest around 2015. The label was born out of their preceding business exploits which also included the distribution of small European skate brands and dated all the way back to the early noughties. Peter and Ric weren’t just at the speed of life of skateboarding, they were themselves accelerating it, and it’s because of guys like them that European skateboarding was gaining visibility; an accomplishment that regular mall skate shops and their distribution partners were never really interested in. Pop Trading Company is thus more than a distribution or an online shop, and heck, it’s even more than a label – it’s one of the catalysts for skateboarding culture in Europe. And in case you could care less about the culture, let us add that Pop products are top-notch not only in terms of design, but also, as you’d expect from such a sophisticated brand, quality-wise. We probably don’t have to mention that we’re trying our best to belong to this tradition of skateboarding prophets, which is why we are happy to stock Pop Trading Company effective immediately. You can buy Pop Trading Company both at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt.

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