Magenta Spring 17

Robin Williams, one of the greatest people that ever walked the Earth, once said “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” And he certainly was right. Springtime comes with the very peculiar anticipation only great parties to which all of your friends RSVP’d can elicit. Plus, everything looks better in Spring. Looking out our shop window, we see the usual stains of dried-up vomit and glass shards from parties past, but they’re now bathed in sunlight, and, squinting our eyes just a little bit, the glistering play of colors reminds us of blooming poppies and crocuses. In other words, we’re ready for the greatest season of the year, and so are our good friends from Magenta Skateboards.

Their new drop arrived just in time, and as all the colors return to the world, we can’t wait to throw ‘em on and have a nice springtime skate session. The collection is comprised of a lot of colorful t-shirts, hoodies and caps, as well as two great windbreakers for chilly nights. The Magenta plant is prominently featured throughout the collection, stretching its leaves and erecting itself after hibernation. It’s a great drop for the beginning of the skate year 2017, so get your Magenta fix online or at our store in Frankfurt asap.