The new Adidas City Cup

In their continuing efforts to bring you some of the best skateboarding shoes money can buy, Adidas Skateboarding rummaged through their archives to find inspiration in their rich and varied history of shoe designs. What they found was the Powerhouse, which was recently re-introduced as a Yeezy model. Fortunately, Yeezy “culture” has not yet managed to get a foothold in skateboarding, and we thank the God of Reasonable Buying Habits by sacrificing to Him no less than two pairs of pinrolled selvedge denim jeans every other week (the denim is taken from any Yeezy enthusiast unfortunate enough to venture down the doomed path that leads to our lair on Klappergasse).

With that out of the way, let’s get back to topic. Inspired out of their minds by the Powerhouse, Adidas created the City Cup, and the shoe comes with more tech specs than an Alienware gaming PC. Its features are as follows: it’s got a full-grain leather upper, breathable mesh lining, a vulcanized midsole wrap, and a double cupsole construction for all the ass-kicking one human being can perform in this short and otherwise miserable life. The City Cup’s got a layered construction, which means that you’ll have prolonged fun with it doing all the “freaky tricks” y’all love to do (quote taken from actual Adidas PR text). It’ll come in an all-black version, a white version with a translucent clear-sole, and in an off-whitish, suede upper version. You can buy the City Cup both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt from January 18.

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