New Balance Numeric 255 by Jordan Taylor

We imagine Jordan Taylor, New Balance Numeric pro and a beast on the board, to be a pretty fun guy; that’s the impression we have from his promotional video advertising his very own colorway of the 255, anyway. The video’s a campy homage to 80’s toy commercials, complete with a raring voice-over praising Jordan Taylor’s downhill skills, and colors turned up to eleven.  The shoe itself is a close relative of the immensely popular Quincy 254, meaning that it’s one of New Balance’s cleaner models. It features a suede upper, a reinforced heel, a PU sockliner for stability, and, of course a special “Jordan Taylor-approved” insole. ‘Cause insole graphics were a thing in the 80s (jk, they still are). Wear it with a pair of extra short Levi’s cut-offs, a He-Man t-shirt, a Sony Walkman, and a pair of counterfeit Ray Ban aviators. You can buy Jordan’s 255 colorway both at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt from now on.