The new Magenta drop

Hi folks,

after all the partying and eating and drinking and sleeping over the holidays, the new year has finally come around, and we’re kicking it off with some new stuff from our good friends over at Magenta Skateboards. Known for its timeless designs and high quality, the Bordeaux-based company keeps its game on point: amidst a classy padded coach jacket and a 6- and 5-panel cap, Magenta’s new drop features a sportswear-inspired hooded jacket and the all-new Paris hoodie. In addition, Magenta have collaborated with artist Oliver Tavu on an amazing MF DOOM deck graphic, paying homage to one of the greatest hip hop artists alive. As expected, Magenta’s minimal yet playful art direction continues to impress with the rest of the board graphics, as well. Magenta’s new drop is now available both in-store and online.