New Wood

After what felt like the darkest Winter in years, Springtime is waiting at the end of the tunnel. Finally, the days are becoming longer, the temperatures are rising, and the thawed puddles of vomit on the cobbled streets in Alt-Sachsenhausen are sparkling in the sun. Spring’s not coming a second too early either, as we’ve considerably stocked up on decks for the last few weeks. Not only do we have brand new boards from Alltimers, who are Bonkers regulars by now, but we’ve also been scouting for new additions to expand our portfolio: Effective immediately, you can buy decks from US-based brands Doomsayers,  Skate Mental, Real and Krooked, as well as boards from Australian company Pass-Port. And, speaking of the latter, it’s now as good a time as any to announce that our team rider Kert Hollywood is now sponsored by the Aussie brand. So get on up off the couch and scratch that skateboarding itch with a brand new deck from Bonkers. Click here to check out if you’re eligible for a free MOB grip. You can buy all our decks both online and at our store in Frankfurt.