Nike SB 420 Dog Walker OG Dunk High

April 20 will soon be upon us, and you know what that means: stoners and weed enthusiasts spark it up across the world and fill the streets with smoke to celebrate their favorite herbal pastime activity. As a tradition that reaches back several years, Nike SB releases a special edition every 420 Day, and this year sure ain’t no exception. While there have been iconic models such as the Cheech and Chong Dunk, others have kinda fallen out of memory. This years’ 420 Dunk High, though, will sure be remembered: the “Dog Walker OG” as it is called, features an eclectic mix of canine-inspired materials and patterns such as dotted Dalmatian fur. The heel panel features ponytail hair and a bone tag that reads “Sparky” (it all kinda reminds us of that one The Simpsons episode in which Mr. Burns took Lisa’s and Bart’s puppies to make a tuxedo out of them). Anyway, one particularly tasteful design choice pertains to the outsole: its brownish coloring looks like you’ve stepped in dog shit so you don’t actually have to (the exact shape of the smear is unique to every shoe). Nike SB, always one step ahead of their customers. They even included a dog poop bag you can use a) for your dog’s poop and b) during your next sneaker camping session. But what the fuck does all that dog stuff have to do with getting baked? Well, weedologists have you know that Dog Walker OG is actually a THC-rich hybrid marihuana strain known for its exquisite relaxation properties “that easily converts into sleep.” Well, y’all better don’t fall asleep on your little Chihuahua, then. You can buy the Nike SB “Dog Walker OG” Dunk High at our at our shop in Frankfurt from – you guessed it – April 20.

Release information:
Instore release at Saturday 20th April 12am (first come first serve).
We have an extra stock for the online release (US 8,5 / EU 42 – US 15 / EU 49,5).
Online release is going to be live at 4:20 pm.

Item number: BQ6827-300