Nike SB BLZR Court

Nike SB’s BLZR Court is the most recent addition in the never-ending series of slapping a rubber pad on a pair of old-school sneakers to make them look skateable. Seriously, you could put an ollie pad on a pair of clogs and make them look like a pair of 2001 DCs. Ollie-pads will make any shoe look retro and performanc-y. They go with anything, too: adding rubber pads to shoes is the design equivalent of ketchup. In this case, Nike SB has transformed its iconic Blazer model into an slimmed-down, ollie-padded version: the BLZR Court. The shoe’s all-canvas upper makes for an incredibly lightweight shoe that’s also easy on your wallet, so we guess you can’t complain. Beneath the toe box, there’s also some rubber reinforcement to give the shoe a little extra durability. Lacking Air Zoom support, the BLZR Court is aimed at folks who don’t include a lotta stair skating in their sessions. What you lose in tech, you gain in style, though: the Nike SB BLZR Court is a retro, minimalist, and good-looking shoe that’ll fit any outfit. You can buy the Nike SB BLZR Court at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.