Nike SB X Concepts (The Purple Lobster Dunk)

A few of years before his death, American writer David Foster Wallace released what would become one of his most famous essays, “Consider the Lobster.” The essay outlines the titular crustaceans’ complex nervous systems, and meditates on the ethics of boiling them alive for consumption. Far from being patronizing, Wallace’s reflections poke fun at the crazy logic of boiling a living creature, and marketing the process as the most humane way of preparation possible. It’s a great essay, and we recommend you read it as you’re waiting in line to cop the new Nike SB x Concepts Purple Lobster Dunks. There are two reasons for this: one, it’s thematically appropriate, and second, you’re probably gonna be in that line for a while, if the stellar reputation of past Concepts and Nike SB collaborations is anything to go by. Time and again, the Boston-based retailer and Nike have proven to be a dream team, with popular releases like 2008’s Red Lobster and 2009’s Blue Lobster Dunks. The Lobster series is thus among Nike SB’s most prestigious limited editions, thanks in part to Concepts being a Boston landmark, and the undeniable appeal of the shoes’ designs. In a cheeky design twist, the most recent Lobster Dunk’s hue derives from the colors of its predecessors: red and blue combined result in purple. It goes without saying that this is a must-cop for everyone who owns the Red and Blue Lobsters. Also, the Lobster Dunk is appealing to vegetarians, too, as no lobsters were harmed in the production of the shoe. That said, there’s a gonna be a huge interest in the shoe, as any sneaker head’s chest, to once again invoke Wallace, is going to “bump like a dryer with shoes in it.” You can buy the Nike SB x Concepts Purple Lobster Dunk from December 15th.

Release information:
– Instore release on Saturday December 15th 12pm CET
– We don’t do a regular online release, we will announce a secret phone number on the same day at 6pm CET in our Instagram story (@bonkers_frankfurt). All orders only via phone! Sorry bots!