Nike SB’s and Concepts Store’s latest, uh, serving sure ain’t for the faint-hearted — let alone vegetarians. It’s one of the most insane sneaker concepts ever realized, and that’s saying something when you think about all the goofy shit Nike SB has dished out over the last decade and a half. Anyway, the Boston-based store took the incredibly popular Turducken holiday roast and, well, stuffed it into a limited capsule collection comprising a pair of Dunk SB High Pros and some apparel. But wait, what’s a Turducken? Glad you asked. It’s a dish that consists of three birds stuffed into each other like it’s gangbang time in Duckburg: the outer, um, bird-layer is a deboned Turkey. The turkey is subsequently sodomized by a deboned duck, which in turn welcomes a deboned chicken into its velvety interior. Also called Three Bird Roast (you cannot make this shit up), it’s being served on Thanksgiving. Folks from Canada and North America will insist that it’s a national treasure. Regular, sane folks will tell you it’s a crime against nature. The name, which is a portmanteau deriving from, and again, we’re really not joking, “Turkey,” “Duck,” and “Chicken.” Here’s the thing, though: we bet it’s fucking delicious. So delicious, in fact, Concepts turned this culinary abomination into a multi-level, highly detailed release called “TurDUNKen.” It’s a little complicated, so pay attention: first, a pair of chicken-themed socks are stuffed into a Dunk High Pro that mimics a male mallard duck (complete with feathery side panels, plush leather, and iridescent Swoosh). The chicken-Dunk combination is then stuffed into an “oven on fire” sneaker box (the strictly limited special box). Accompanying the savory Dunk High Pro is an assortment of appropriately designed clothing, including a faux fur bomber jacket, a t-shirt, and an orange beanie. Bon appetit!
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