Nike SB Dunk High Momofuku

The thing about skateboarders and food is that, from our experience, most see it as a mere means to provide their bodies with energy to get the session going, not necessarily paying attention to the stuff they’re actually shoving down their throats. Döner, pizza, French fries – fuck it, just ram it down your esophagus and don’t forget to chew. We don’t know how many people die each year suffocating from a piece of unchewed hot dog, but we suspect the numbers must be in the thousands.

Luckily, there are people like chef David Chang, who has made a name for himself throughout the NY skateboarding scene by cooking excellent food that’s not too taxing on your wallet. His restaurant Momofuku opened in NY’s East Village in 2004, and has since become a hot spot for noodle enthusiasts around the world. Chang’s not only cherished by the foodie scene because of his fresh take on cuisine, but he’s also one of the good guys, sourcing produce from local and sustainable suppliers.

The East Village, as you may know, is home to many famous skate spots like Tompkins Square Park, Houston Park or D7. Further, the Village harbors legendary skate shops like SHUT or DQM (which has since been defunct, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Village hosts a rich skateboarding scene). It is in this setting that Chang became entangled in the local skate scene, and came to realize that skateboarders and cooks are not too different from one another.

Anyway, because of Chang’s ties to NYC’s skateboarding community and to honor his success as a chef, Nike SB has collaborated with Momofuku to create a highly limited Dunk Hi Pro. The dunk comes with a dark denim upper inspired by the dark grey of Chang’s kitchen. Additionally, the restaurant’s signature peach is embroidered on the heel. If you’re in NYC, make sure to check out Momfuku, as well as Chang’s bar Ssäm. In case you don’t know where they are, just refer to the Dunk’s insoles, which both addresses are printed on. You can buy the Nike SB Dunk Hi Pro “Momofuku” both online and at our store in Frankfurt from June 23.


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