Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Holiday Special” by Sean Cliver

Remember doodling dicks on each other’s exercise books back in high school? If you weren’t careful, one slight distraction could result in a wiener parade marching across the pages of your French textbook. Now imagine making a career out of annoying people with immature doodles. Imagine making bank with offensive designs instead of becoming suicidal filling out Excel sheets at your boring-ass desk job. Well, that’s what it’s like for Sean Cliver. At least in overly simplified terms. Of course, Cliver’s board designs are a different league than dick doodles. However, the graphic designer legend’s art, deviant and perverted as it is, oozes similar energy: it’s the energy of the imbecile, the unconcerned, and the immature. It’s more refined, for sure, but it too causes bewilderment, irritation, and, more often than not, sheepish smiles in the beholder. Looking at Sean Cliver’s art sometimes feels as if you got caught in the act of doing something wrong — like spraying dicks on school hallways. His most famous designs include HUF’s Last Party deck, a spoof on Da Vinci’s original painting that depicts Jesus and his disciples getting wasted at last supper, the Toy Machine logo, and Chico Brenes’ World Industries pro board, Nude Beach. Besides making some of the most controversial deck graphics in skateboarding history, Cliver’s career path (which was steeper than Manuel Ferrara’s erect schlong) saw him stepping up to become the editor-in-chief of infamous Big Brother skate mag, as well as becoming a writer-producer for the equally notorious Jackass series (incidentally, a show that provides its viewers with ample dick jokes of the practical variety). In the 90s, Cliver founded together with Jeremy Klein Hook-Ups, one of the most controversial board brands ever. In other words, Cliver is skateboarding art’s agent provocateur — a distinguished achievement considering the sport’s disposition to churn out an unending stream of buffoons. But enough of all that history shit, let’s talk sneakers. See, Sean released the colorful Nike SB X Strangelove Dunk at the start of 2020, and now he’s gonna close it out with another limited Dunk Low. Aptly dubbed the “Holiday Special,” Cliver’s most recent Nike SB Dunk comes in a frosty colorway dominated by light blues. The suede upper features a golden Swoosh and sits atop a twinkling outer sole while the perforations on the shoe’s toebox are snowflake-shaped. The silvery laces kinda look like tinsel, and if you’re not gonna wear ‘em, you might as well throw the shoes on your Christmas tree. We’ve arrived from dick jokes at the most important Christian holiday, so we sure hope Santa is not one of our readers. 

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