Nike SB Dunk Low Pro (VX1000)

Before iPhones and GoPros, before digital video and handheld HD cameras, there was Sony’s VX1000. Released in the mid-90s, the VX was one of the first consumer-grade video cameras that made TV-level quality affordable to the masses. Its small size allowed for a massive jump in flexibility compared to what was available at the time, leading many amateur filmmakers to switch to the VX. Most cameras went into the sticky hands of pornographers. Next in line, however, were skateboard filmers. They cherished the camera’s ease of use and its ability to get in on the action. Add Century’s renowned MK1 fisheye, and you’ve got yourself the gold standard of Gonzo skateboard cinematography. Flip’s Sorry, éS’s Menikmati, Zero’s Dying To LiveBaker 3, Girl’s Yeah Right, and a great many other renowned skate video were filmed on the VX. Needless to say, the VX1000’s grainy aesthetic has become the defining look of skateboard videos leading up to the advent of HD. Yet, despite the lightyears video technology has traveled since the mid-90s, skate videos filmed with VX still form a substantial part of contemporary releases. Many aspiring skateboard videographers still resort to filming with the VX1000 — whether that’s because they want to pay homage to the videos they grew up with, because the VX is still relatively affordable, or because the resulting look simply fits skateboarding. So much so that the VX1000 is a cornerstone of skateboarding culture. And you know what that means. Yes, Nike SB did a Dunk version of it. Featuring ample visual allusions to the design of the original (such as red and yellow colored eyelets that represent the RCA jacks, time codes printed on the insoles, and the labels of specific functions printed all over the upper), the grey, white, and black shoe looks just like a VX with laces. They even included the red record button on the outsole. Nike SB sure doesn’t fuck around, no matter how whimsical the release. Expect the Nike SB Dunk Low “Camcorder” to be gone quicker than the upcoming re-release of the MK1 fisheye. Our regular raffle rules apply. 

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