Nike SB “GIZMO” Video Premiere

Remember Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the PlayStation? If you don’t, we feel deeply sorry for you. While not the first skateboarding game, THPS was groundbreaking in many ways, both from a gameplay and a cultural perspective. It had great controls and a great soundtrack; it also introduced Elissa Steamer as the first female skateboarder in a video game, and thus female skateboarding to a global audience. In the twenty years since THPS’ release, women have made skateboarding a more diverse activity – an achievement that warrants its very own full-length skate video. Nike SB’s Gizmo, named after Steamer’s childhood moniker, is the first-ever skate video exclusively dedicated to women’s skateboarding. Starring Lacey Baker, Leticia Bufoni, Hayley Wilson, Sarah Meurle, Josie Millard, Nicole Hause and Elissa Steamer, the video will be screened at our shop in Frankfurt on May 25, 8 pm. Come one, come all, and tell your friends!