Nike SB X Medicom Toy Dunk High Elite

By now, Nike SB has released enough remakes, reboots and sequels to famous classics to choke a fucking horse to death. That’s not a bad thing, don’t get us wrong. We love wear the shoes we never got to own ourselves back in the day to be re-released as updated versions, coming equipped with today’s tech as they are. That being said, Nike SB’s infatuation with their own past seems just weird if you take into account the long term perspective: if Nike keep churning out remakes of veteran kicks, what are they going to come up with in, say, 2028? Will there be re-releases of re-releases? And if so, with what kind of shoes will we end up with?  Comparing today’s re-releases, like the remake of the New York Mets inspired Nike SB x Medicom Toy Dunk High Elite to you can see here, to the original (Dunk Low Pro), it’s evident that details and material change: the 2004 version didn’t have the sock, for example. That’s a 2017-ish thing. The original didn’t come with Flyknit material, either, ‘cause that NASA shit just didn’t exist back then. The 2004 Medicom Dunk’s upper was made entirely from white premium leather, while today’s version has a two-tone upper. It’s kept the original’s key design features, but it’s still a very different beast altogether. Obviously, there’s also an accompanying Medicom Bearbrick vinyl toy, but it’s not included in the sneaker box, so who really give a fuck. Anyway, we really dig 2018’s Medicom Dunk, and we think it’s an appropriate update to an all-time classic. If, in 2028, Nike SB releases a Nike SB x Medicom Super Laser Beam Anti-Matter Wormhole Flash Gordon Dunk Low, they should make it so that you can chose your preferred remake of the day via an app, and the shoe will morph on a molecular level into whatever classic you want: Pigeon, Tiffany, Paris, Statue of Liberty, whatever the fuck. Until then, you’ll have to make do with the Nike SB x Medicom Dunk High Elite which you can buy both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt from May 5. PS: If anyone at Nike SB reads this and thinks “That idea with the molecule-thingamabob would make for a great commercial!”,  remember where you read it first.

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