Nike SB X NBA Pack

Skateboarding and basketball don’t necessarily share the same history – the former was developed out of boredom in the 1960s and is yet to see its first Olympic event, the other was invented by a Canadian physical educator in the late 19thcentury and became Olympic in 1936 – but they do share, to some extent at least, the most fundamental means that makes both activities enjoyable: the footwear. Chucks, for instance, widely cherished by skateboarders across the globe, were initially designed for b-ballin’. Another example is Nike’s Blazer (both in high and low variants): created in 1972, the Blazer was a basketball favorite that coincidentally worked great for skateboarding, as well. While today’s modern basketball shoes mostly don’t fit the purpose of skateboarding, we’re happy that Nike acknowledges the shared footwear past with a joint release of NBA (whose main sponsor is Nike) and Nike SB. The release comprises three differently colored staples of basketball and skateboarding:  one Bruin Ultra in all pink, one Blazer low in all white, and one Dunk Low in deep royal. Accompanied by appropriate clothing, the limited release is subtle nod to both basketball and skateboarding, and the secret bonds that connect them. You can buy the Nike SB NBA pack from Saturday (13th October) at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.