Nike SB X Premier Win Some Lose Some Dunk

Ok sneaker enthusiasts, this is gonna be real tough. Nike SB and Michigan-based Premier skate shop came up with the ultimate test of your loyalty and perseverance. In a flash of ingenious sadism that would put fucking Jigsaw to shame, they made some pairs of Dunk Highs that are so goddamn limited you’re only getting them by chance. We know. You like your odds stacked in your favor. That’s why y’all put up with lining up and down the block just to cop (hold on to that rhyme for your Insta game). Let us run you through the basics: Nike SB’s limited “Win some, lose some” Dunk comes with a vachetta tan and leather upper, gold foil stamps on the co-branded leather tongue tag, leather insole and lace flaps. The Swoosh is coated in a scratch foil which you can rub off, revealing a golden security pattern underneath. But here’s the catch: very few randomly selected pairs will have a different, co-branded pattern. Of course, you can also tell an extra limited edition par by the serial number. But we’re not gonna tell you those. It’s like playing the lottery: if you’re buying more tickets, you’ll increase your chances. Let the games begin. You can buy the Nike SB x Premier “Win some, lose some” Dunk High TRD both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt from now on.