Nike SB White Widow Dunk

The history of 420 is kinda muddled and controversial, but it’s also hilariously anticlimactic for a movement of stoners. Essentially, a bunch of friends tried to find an abandoned cannabis crop after school back in the 1970s. They called themselves the “Waldos,” which is a dumb name even for the 70s, and they had a treasure map that was supposed to lead the way. They met at 4:20 PM to search for the crop. This is why it’s called 420. Pretty stupid, right? Ever since then, April 20 is the counterculture holiday for cannabis enthusiasts. It’s gotten really big over the years, and with the increasing social acceptance of marihuana, even companies like Nike SB won’t shy away from celebrating what is essentially Easter for stoners. This April, witness the release of the White Widow Dunk, named after the hybrid strain of cannabis, and designed by famous artist Todd Brarud (who also designed the controversial Skunks, Send Help and Cheech and Chong Dunks). The shoe is actually a collaboration between Nike SB and Minneapolis-based skate shop Familia, but we have a feeling that that’s gonna fall under the table pretty quickly. The shoe itself has a pastel vibe, and looks pretty damn good with the red swoosh as a color contrast. The insole’s got a graphic too: a stoned spider hanging from a web. Fun fact: we’ve received the shoes via Nike’s European headquarters, which is located in Amsterdam, of all places. You can buy the Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro QS “White Widow“ both at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt from, you guessed it, April 20, every pair is unique because the red spot on the sole is different with every shoe. By the way: the Waldos were too high to find the stash. Some shit you can’t make up.

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